Next Time be prepared!

Have your passport and visas in good order

Plan your leave in advance

Try to travel in the shoulder season, not peak

Save extra money throughout the year to increase your travel budget and upgrade to a better cruise

Make use of our comprehensive tips and advice page

Research the various cruise lines

Shortlist specific voyages


Research and track airfares for your leave window and preferred cruising region

Learn the mechanics of the frequent flyer programs

Frequent flyer reward flights can be booked one way without penalty

They are cheaper to cancel and amend generally too

Try not to book airfares until prices demand it

If you must book air, do not book and ground, car or hotels until we have found you a cruise 

Track price movements

Jump the moment you see a great deal appear

Don't wait as they may sell out within hours

Ensure you provide full information on your booking form

Contact your credit card company to prevent fraud prevention measures blocking your transaction

Have pet minders ready and waiting at short notice

Have suitcases under the bed and ready

Research and no which insurance policy will be adequate not the cheapest

Avoid planning to rely on insurance provided by your credit card