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PURE Cruising

Extreme Luxury you really can afford.

PURE Cruising is a clearing house for last minute 6 star voyages.


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Although our main focus is on high end all inclusive cruises, simply because these offer the biggest discounts and better value, we do have last minute discounts on all cruise lines. Just ask.


Our exclusive waitlist lets you register what type of cruises you want us to find for you.



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Cruising is so much more than a holiday.

It's a mindset.


It's not in our DNA.


It is our DNA.

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Our Best Ever Deals

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Places you've only ever dreamed about

Luxury you simply can't imagine

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Secrets around every corner

The road less travelled


The best ships

The best food and wine

The best service

Why book a 5 star cruise . . .

When for the same price, or sometimes much less,

we can find you an all inclusive 6 star one.

And best of all .... the very best prices.

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