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we are

Every member of our growing team is currently, or has been until recently, a full-time crew with major international or domestic airlines. 


We know travel better than absolutely anyone. 

Our initial name was FAB Interline Cruises - FAB being an acronym for Flight Attendant Business. That business is still growing and leading the industry if you are a current or retired airline employee you should visit out FAB site for interline rates.

Our business model, back when we started in 2018, had a very narrow focus on heavily discounted cruises for airline crew only. The experience we gained in this unique segment of the industry has provided us with extremely valuable and unique insight into how and when last-minute discounts are released. 

To date, the vast majority of our sales have involved high end 6 Star, all-inclusive voyages.


This is what we are experts in, more so than any other agency out there. 

Since inception, we have been continually contacted by those not in the aviation industry asking how they might also be able to take advantage of the incredible discounts we have been able to source.

This is how the original concept for FAB Interline Cruises has grown and evolved to give birth to LAST MINUTE Cruises.


Additionally, almost everyone in our team is a certified host for the Distinctive Voyages Program. We travel the world on the best ships providing a 6 Star experience to VIPs from all over the world. This gives us an unmatchable insight into high end cruising as passengers, not merely agents. We have taken the concept further and now have our own branded experiences. To sate we have sailed on Seabourn, Regent, Celebrity and Azamara, the Med to Alaska, the Middle East and Suez canal to Far North Queensland and Asia.




Jack Hastings - principle lead agent - jack@kvi.travel

Jack runs our USA and North American office, and it is from there that he can source the very best LAST MINUTES rates in the business.

Born in Victorville, CA, USA, and raised in sublime Lanikai Hawaii - Jack has over 25 years of extensive experience in the travel industry. Although based in Hawaii, he has traveled extensively flying previously for Northwest Airlines. Jack has sailed on all the high-end cruise lines that we specialize in. His favorite ones being Windstar, Paul Gauguin, and Seabourn. Jack is also a co-host in the exclusive Distinguished Voyages Program.

Janine Carnovale - janine@kvi.travel

Janine manages LAST MINUTE Cruises in Asia and owns 5 Star Bali Villas with a growing portfolio of over 36 of the most exclusive Villas in Seminyak, the best address in the tropical mecca that is Bali. With over 30 years of experience in tourism, many flying for an international airline, Janine loves all things travel. Be it the smell of AvGas in the morning or the salt air on an ocean crossing. Janine co-hosted one of our groups of 40+ people on Seabourn Encore last November, and like the rest of us is now a Seabourn Super Fan. Once you taste the good life on a 6-star cruise line, it's tough to go back.

Emily Ainsley - Emily@kvi.travel 

Emily is our LAST MINUTE Discount Deal Detective and tracks down all of the deals published daily to our Facebook page.

Emily has sailed on over 20 cruises, her favorite to date being the exotic Caribbean region, but she is fortunate, at such a young age, to have sailed through bath the Panama & Suez canals. Not many seasoned cruisers can say that.

Sheryl - Debbie - Meredith - James

Our back-office support team may assist the LAST MINUTE Cruise team in processing different stages of your booking.




Image by Sheila Jellison


Unsold Cabin Discounts

 * All cruise lines * All ships * All regions *

The international clearinghouse for unsold cabins.

Although our main focus is on high-end all-inclusive cruises, simply because these offer the biggest discounts and better value, we do have last-minute discounts on all cruise lines. But you won't see discounts promoted here for P&O and other budget operators. That is not what we do here. It is said that life is too short for cheap wine, well the same holds true for budget cruise lines. Don't waste your hard-earned money on a cruise you might regret.

Our list of preferred high-end cruise lines will regularly make drastic price reductions as departure dates approach in order to fill unsold cabins.


The discounts offered can be up to 90% off the original published brochure prices.

If you book through us, these are not standby rates. They are fully confirmed.


All that you need to do to secure these massive discounts is to stay flexible with your holiday plans. If you can do that we can save you anywhere from a few hundred to many thousands of dollars.


we do it​

As a division of KVI Travel, we have access to the reservation systems of all the major cruise lines in the world and have deep, long-standing relationships with their senior management teams. 

We receive literally dozens of emails a week with substantial price reductions on cabins that the cruise lines are desperate to fill.

This gives us unparalleled access to discounts that you be unlikely to find elsewhere.

KVI Travel, under is the engine under the hood that drives LAST MINUTE Cruises.

With 20 years in the business and over 65+ agents across the globe - we couldn't do what we do here without them.
KVI Travel



you need to know​


We can not sell in AUD, EUR, GBP.

Payment is only by credit card.

We charge no credit card fees. 

Check with your credit card company to determine what foreign transaction fees they may charge.

All LAST MINUTE FARES are 100% non-refundable or changeable.

You should ensure you have adequate cancelation insurance.

Insurance attached to your credit card can often be inadequate if claims need to be made.

All cruise contracts are between you, the cruise line, and KVI Travel as the agency of record.

KVI travel is fully registered by IATA.

Unlike some agencies, we do not hold your money in trust; all payments are held and processed by the cruise lines themselves.


Booking process:

1/ Complete our booking form. (Also at the bottom of each page of this website).

2/ We will hold a cabin free of charge for 24 hours and send you an invoice

3/ Check the invoice to ensure all is correct and the hit pay now to add your credit card details

4/ You will be sent a paid invoice with registration details.

5/ Visit the cruise line website and complete all required information.

6/ Pack your bags; you are going cruising.


Important Notes:

1/ To take advantage of all LAST MINUTE DEALS, you must ensure your passport and travel documents are in good order before booking.

2/ You are solely responsible for ensuring that any visas and vaccinations required by the cruise line are satisfied in full. You will be denied boarding if you do not meet their requirements.

3/ You must be able to pay in full within 24 hours of making your booking. If purchasing outside of the USA, we advise you to contact your credit card company and inform them that you will be making a USD foreign currency transaction. This will prevent fraud protection measures from having your purchase declined.